We have been consolidating and expanding our operation in the real estate assets’ valuation market since 2007, with a set of more specific and value-added services for our clients.


Real Estate Valuations

For credit, purchase and sale, accounting effects, capital increase, corporate (mergers and acquisitions), distribution, e.g. Real estate-based businesses, specifically, hospitality and tourism, health (hospitals, clinics, ERPI, e.g.) energy (including wind and photovoltaics) retail, leisure, fuel stations, industry, specifically, extractive, e.g.


Equipment Valuations

Machinery, equipment, and fillings of industrial units or movable property, vessels, aircraft, total or unit manufacturing equipment, vehicles, renewable energies, namely wind and photovoltaic parks, e.g. In the area of valuations, our team is coordinated by the engineer who co-directs and teaches the specialty training at ANAI – National Association of Real Estate Valuers – and co-author of the eBook – Valuation of Machinery, Equipment, and Industrial Technical Facilities.


Company and Business Valuations

Aimed at all purposes, specifically Corporate - mergers and acquisitions - and also assignment of quotas, purchase and sale, distribution, investment projects and also, pharmacy permits among others. The team is made up of two economists, one being a Statutory Auditor registered with the CMVM and OROC (Association of Statutory Auditors), namely, when there is a need to certify the value of the properties by a statutory auditor under art. 28 of the Companies Act (contribution in kind).


Brand Valuations

We carry out the valuation of brands, with a PhD in Business Economics from Rey Juan Carlos University, a master´s degree in Management and an MBA from Universidade Católica Portuguesa, university professor, director of the master´s degree “Marketing Management” at IPAM, and Author of the book “Gestão de vendas - Adaptar para vencer em era relacional e digital” (Sales management - Adapting to win in a relational and digital age), with the collaboration of an economist.


Business Plans

In the exclusive chapter on the preparation of Business Plans, we are the only company with a contract/partnership with Fundiestamo, in addition to relevant national organizations and private companies. Our partner for this area is a PhD engineer and author of the book “A New Vision on Real Estate - Platform for the Creation of Wealth in the 21st Century”, who deserved GAREN´s support.

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