We have a team certified by either TEGoVA or RICS, with skills and expertise in the various areas of asset valuations, constantly evolving and resilient in light of new and increasingly demanding global and national demands from the economy, the market, and its regulators. We work every day to continuously refine our valuation processes, in order to provide excellent services, created in a Quality Management environment.


Comply with current legislation, standards, directives, and procedures. Adopt the best recommended practices, both national and international, that affect our activity.

Performance supported by technical and scientific competence through work processes based on best practices.

Provide the company's technical staff with the highest level of academic training, available at any time.

Respect for ethical principles.

Commitment to continuous improvement based on the systematic monitoring and review of performance, and continuing vocational training.

GAREN has 23 collaborators with extensive and proven experience, each with a university or post-university degree in the following areas: Engineering in the Civil, Mechanical, Agricultural, Agri-food, or Electrotechnical areas, Economics, Management, Architecture, Marketing, and Law.

In the company and business valuation segment, we have, in addition, a Chartered Accountant, a Fiscal Officer and three Economists, a Master in Economics, and specifically for brand valuation, a PhD in Business Sciences.

In the scope of accreditation, all our valuers are certified by TEGoVA or RICS, and duly and regularly registered with the CMVM (Securities and Exchange Commission).

We have nine permanent and exclusive employees, with Professional REV certification Recognized European Valuer, or TRV TEGoVA Residential Valuer, awarded by TEGoVA, the European Group of Valuers´ Associations, and a MRICS - Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

It has always been GAREN´s concern to offer the best training in each area of the company´s activities, with a special focus on three distinct areas, 1-development of the particular specificities of the valuation of some Assets, 2-understanding of the specificities of the various business segments and 3- dynamic development of business management and human resources, whether provided by external entities in relation to more specialized aspects, or in the process of continuous training provided in the company.

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